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Humerus - Canine


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Canine Humerus made in 3D printing technology, available in two variants - Standard and Premium. The model is designed for educational purposes and for practice of various techniques of bone fracture treatment.

The Standard model can be used for pre-operative contouring of bone plates and for practicing fracture treatment techniques, because its material behaves in a manner similar to natural bone during drilling and cutting.

Standard models can be disinfected with alcohol-based agents, but cannot be steam sterilized as this will damage the model.

The Premium model is made of a material resistant to high temperatures, thanks to which it can be subjected to steam sterilization. This model can be used for preoperative and intraoperative bone plate contouring.

Size S - 101mm
18.85 €
28.25 €
Size M - 145mm
24.29 €
36.45 €
Size L - 190mm
29.75 €
44.65 €
Sterilization method

Disinfection with alcohol-based agents

Disinfection with alcohol-based agents,

Steam sterilization


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