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Bulldog - Humerus - Model for Plates Contouring


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Model of the French Bulldog humerus made in 3D printing technology, available in two variants - Standard and Premium.

The Standard model can be used for pre-operative contouring of bone plates and for practicing fracture treatment techniques, because its material behaves in a manner similar to natural bone during drilling and cutting.

Standard models can be disinfected with alcohol-based agents, but cannot be steam sterilized as this will damage the model.

The Premium model is made of a material resistant to high temperatures, thanks to which it can be subjected to steam sterilization. This model can be used for preoperative and intraoperative bone plate contouring.



139.00 PLN
209.00 PLN

Sterilization method

Disinfection with alcohol-based agents
Disinfection with alcohol-based agents,
Steam sterilization


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